5 Tips to Save the Battery of Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 can suffer according to official battery time, up to 17 hours of continuous use. This period lasts until 350 hours if we analyze idle time and that with a 2600-mAh battery. It is very positive performance of battery, although there will be those who can eventually need extra push when dealing with a vastly increased autonomy in very specific circumstances. In analysis of this, it is very exciting to note a number of tricks with that you would achieve those minutes or overtime to save us out of trouble if you do not have a charging point at hand.

5 Tips to Save the Battery of Samsung Galaxy S4


The panel configuration is perhaps the most important point of few that can manage to make a difference when expand autonomy in use of Samsung Galaxy S4. In this manner, the device integrates a feature that, when turned on, causes the handset to interpret the environmental conditions for self-regulation light emitting screen and thereby reduce possible energy expenditure not essential. If you go to the menu “Settings” and select to “screen” you can check this option, so that will activate automatic brightness. In further case, if you wish to further expand the battery life, just make certain that you alter minimum brightness that makes it possible to consult the Panel content.

Wi-Fi Networks and 3G

Control the type of data connections that you are using from the Samsung Galaxy S4 is another important aspect if you want to make efficient use of the battery. The moments when you have to move from access Wi-Fi to 3G are almost anecdotal, so it is appropriate, seeking the greatest possible autonomy time, you control the activation and deactivation of both sensors. The procedure can be scratchy but it is highly recommended when you want to preserve as much possible to the battery charge. Consequently if you are at home or in workplace and your Samsung Galaxy S4 is connected to a Wi-Fi, it will be advisable to deactivate 3G network access. Similarly, if you are not taking advantage of a Wi-Fi and you stuck close to traffic in mobile networks, it is that you block the wireless tracking point.

5 Tips to Save the Battery of Samsung Galaxy S4

More Wireless Networks

The same happens when you realize that you are not making use of the most of the ports i.e. Bluetooth locator or GPS. It’s of no use having the wireless to set to other devices if you do not intend to utilize its possibilities. Although the Samsung Galaxy S4 keeps you away from foreign teams unless expressly ask for, have Bluetooth port casually in for the use is a significant leakage power, so that in the attempt to achieve the greatest possible autonomy is important that deactivate it. Of course, if you will not use any of the functions related to sensor GPS -like Google Maps, Navigation and Geo Location in photos and videos, or any other application that taps in sequence from it, as locator Facebook, Foursquare or sportsmen solutions, you should keep it off.


Apparently this is a lower section but everything has to accumulate autonomy in the Samsung Galaxy S4. This handset has a powerfully prevailing built-in speaker, so unless circumstances require, it is better to deactivate the vibration of the terminals.

How to Save Battery Life on the Galaxy S4


The way the Samsung Galaxy S4 work with several applications open simultaneously is most attractive. But if you want to gain time to interested autonomy, give reverse to their full potential in specific moments. This phone integrates the Multi window, with which a number of utilities remain active on several levels but to not availing the facility put it to use when you want to make the Samsung Galaxy S4 you hold the maximum time before switching to the current. Thus, in addition, you should be closing applications that do not use and that remain operational in the background.

5 Tips to Save the Battery of Samsung Galaxy S4

This is interestingly very helpful information for the users of Samsung galaxy S4, if they are far away from their charging utilities but want to save the battery for the lasting usage.

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