Features of New Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom mobile is surprising at first glance. Apparently it seems to be a compact camera with a large touchscreen display, though as the Samsung Galaxy Camera is significantly higher but none of that. Its vocation is to be a solvent smartphone but most complete equipping the device to take photographs and video. Not surprisingly, both rear sides finish overall and above all, by the presence of a target of 24-240 mm, this phone takes influence against its competitors in this section.

Features of New Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

The Korean manufacturer has released the first promotional video of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and of course, the camera capitalizes all the attention of the device. The exhibition of this equipment is meticulously details how you can take advantage of Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, starting with what the company has dubbed Smart Ring. In principle, the lens ring allows you to perform up to ten times increases, making this powerful zoom, which is not digital, as you’re usually used to seeing in mobile terminals but optical, with no loss in image quality approach-apart from the competition is positive. It also provides a means of access to some of the intelligent features of the terminal.

Features of New Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

There are different configurations depending on the type of scene you want to capture in a photograph are available to the user by simply rotating the lens ring, which avoids having to go accessing them through the usual touch commands that are in the camera interface. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom equips up to 25 suggestions that the device is responsible for analyzing to choose the most appropriate to consider depending on the background that is framing the user. In the protagonist point the  Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and mobile displays its 25 mode suggestions with Smart Modes, among which selects three that fit the general terms of what the author of the photo is on your screen, so of these three modes, deciding just one in particular.

Samsung GALAXY S4 Zoom Official Lifestyle Demo Video

Another of the strengths of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is an image stabilizer. Apparently it’s a minor detail but many of our photos look longer as you would like because a tremor just ruining capture blur motion, this phone compensates for the image to be as clear as possible.

Features of New Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

This gadget not only increases capacity and smart features with live camera of Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom. The sensor that equips this smartphone is a 16-MP CMOS. With this you capture the images but the level will be very high, it promotes the BSI unit capture quality, even in some situations where the count scenes in low light. In any case, if you want to use your flash, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom has a focus of Xenon Flash which is actually really powerful.

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