How to Restore and Backup on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

One of the biggest concerns when we change the phone has to do with the loss of the stored information. If we change model of iPhone to a newer one, for example left our iPhone 4 to acquire the iPhone 5, there is no problem to move all our information but you know how it is to not lose anything. iTunes provides a convenient system for storing backups, it will just dump in our new device. Restore or dump copies is a necessary process to regain our data back but not just for when you switch mobile. For example when we apply the jailbreak or delete the content for whatever reason we want to regain our data as before, restoring a backup back to install all your applications, music settings and photos settings. Ultimately, it is like coming to the same point where we were to save the copy. We will talk about the process of restoring the copies with the help of iTunes and iClouds.

How to Restore and Backup on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

iCloud automatically backs up your most important data on your gadget by using iOS 5. Once you have allowed Backup on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in the Settings > iCloud > Backup & Storage, it can run on every day basis as long as your device will stays up with you as per your desires.

How to Restore and Backup on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Logically to restore a copy must first save it, once we have saved the data we can select the method to re-retrieve. If you delete everything from the device, such as malfunctioning or because we want to remove the jailbreak, when you see the setup wizard gives us the option to choose the latest backup stored in iCloud to be written directly into the terminal without having to resort to the computer. All you need is to introduce the Apple ID details to enter the account and it detects the copy.

How to Restore and Backup on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

The other possibility is to do it through iTunes. The synchronization program of iPhone and iPad provides the option to restore a backup from the main panel that appears when you connect your iPhone, simply have to press the “Restore Backup” and choose the most recent. It could also restore the backup by right click on the name of your device in the left panel of the program. In all cases the restoration process may take several minutes, always depending on the amount of information we had stored, for example, a 16-GB iPhone data will take half time as compared to 32-GB.

How to Backup and Restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod from Backup

In iTunes there is a section that shows all stored copies to date, is in the menu Edit – Preferences, specifically the tab Devices. Here we can manage and delete existing copies, the oldest to not take up the space. It is advisable to keep your data synchronized to not miss anything if you lose the device or to spoil it.

How to Restore and Backup on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

With iCloud, you have to be careful because the maximum is 5-GB free storage available and if you can extend it to be paid for one of the plans offered by Apple. Logically this works on both iPhone and iPad and iPod Touch.

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