HP TouchSmart 7320 Test: An all-in-one Device – Review

HP TouchSmart Elite 7320: A Computer Piece

The antipodes, HP puts hers in the process. Released in late 2011, the TouchSmart 7320 is part of a line of seven machines tempering All-in-One, under the guidance of a credo: “Life Cycle Approach.” The underlying idea is to optimize the total cost over the whole life of a product (or TCO, Total Cost of Ownership), which requires particular issues of space, leisure and energy savings.

HP TouchSmart 7320 Test: An all-in-one Device

The iMac and others repeat colors, to bring in their wake the PC market, again a positive score in the final. A real attraction for the concept, the demand for computers is growing piece among individuals as well as small businesses.

If this type of device is a commercial success, they still display certain limits. However, at 950 euros, the HP TouchSmart 7320 is significantly more expensive than a traditional computer. The worth?

To this end, everything is integrated in a generous frame of about 11 pounds, built around a 21.5-inch touchscreen. In addition, the richness of wireless connectivity echoed this desire to move towards the famous “office without cables.”

HP TouchSmart 7320 Test: An all-in-one DeviceThe predictable comparison with the Apple iMac. The conclusions are unequivocal … and not necessarily adverse to HP.

The installation is not complicated, although sport. The whole is its weight: 11-Kg on the scales for measurements of 55 x 20 x 44 cm, Secretary Lambda sharpen in the lower back. In contrast, the stability of the whole reinforces this impression of strength that emerges when one eradicates the machine from its shipping carton.

An element to distort the picture, it would certainly touch panel and its protective coating. Between fingerprints and dust galore, flicking the glossy enough to glimpse the weak point HP TouchSmart 7320. Similarly, the mirror effect due to the implementation of a glossy glass is particularly unpleasant on a screen of this size (21.5 inches). The relative convenience of a tilt to 30 degrees on the vertical axis just to tip the balance.

However, the design is well thought out in its homogeneity symmetrical, with support via two lateral hinges metallic gray plastic, connected to a base prominent, but how much more stable than the foot characteristic iMac. In terms of connectivity, it quickly became disillusioned with the view of the wired keyboard comes standard. The promise of an office without cables away of a sudden one.

HP TouchSmart 7320 Test: An all-in-one Device

Note: However, that judicious placement of connectors on the side porticos, while the iMac on its rear panel incorporates a well less accessible accordingly.

HP TouchSmart 7320 Test: An all-in-one DeviceHP TouchSmart 7320 Test: An all-in-one Device

Past two USB 3.0 ports highlighted on the left side of the machine, four USB 2.0 and set back too close to each other, the notable absence of any e-SATA interface eclipse almost Gigabit Ethernet neighbor.

On the right, the optical drive is ideally suited, if we exclude the weak point is that this command without opening race and loud each time.

HP TouchSmart 7320 Test: An all-in-one Device

The fellow will say as much on the SD card reader located opposite: no spring holding mechanism, no click is heard and multimedia cards work dangerously in their location. Say that, in addition, this massive power supply 180 W solid. The English name “power brick” makes sense against this behemoth of power reminiscent of another time.

Other Patchy Hardware

At initialization, Thirty seconds to reach the login screen on Windows 7 and 20 seconds to show the desktop, less than a minute accumulation. The implementation of a processor Intel Core i3-2120 3.3-GHz Dual-Core is for many. HP intends to substitute, on request, a more powerful model i5, or even i7 Dual-Core still. Also, 4-GB DD3-1333 are installed as standard expandable to 8 GB in two locations at 1333-MHz. No SSD, but HDD S-ATA 6-GB / s, with a capacity of 500-GB (450-GB once formatted), a partition labeled “Recovery” and dedicated to the restoration of the system.

HP TouchSmart 7320 Test: An all-in-one Device

Reading performance (peaks beyond 100 MB / s sequential cycle of 32k files), it is just as writing, with almost 90 MB / s peak.

First stone of this building vaunted Wireless; the Wi-Fi 802.11n Ralink signed is displayed in the background. The thickness of the frame not only compromises its scope, but also any heat dissipation.

Put together with the effective power of 180 W at 87% (85 Gold certification), the set tends to overheat, to lose stability. It seems that updating the BIOS to the latest version allows correcting a little bit the problems. No complaints about the hand touch, accurate and responsive, include the virtual keyboard. It is deplorable that the GUI has not been treated accordingly.

HP TouchSmart 7320 Test: An all-in-one Device

Windows 7 Home Premium is there in its most simple device, without any overlay: exit large icons, menus and other joys reworked terminal really suitable for a digital score. However, it seems out of the question to work all day long finger pointed at the screen. The era of light pens is definitely over. They prefer the mouse and others.

In this regard, the HP TouchSmart 7320 excels more when it is put to use intermittently. It typically fills the office of a display in a hotel, an interactive catalog in small shops or terminal interactive demo, up on the desk of a secretary. Its VESA 200 and 400 (items not included) can also attach it casino spiele online to a wall and give it many uses unsuspected, for example during a showroom.

In the absence of a mouse, wired keyboard comes standard appears too back: too few shortcuts multimedia keys noisy despite their race tasteless, no back-lighting and a lowercase b … prominent representative of the technology Beats Audio, which irresistibly attracts the eye.

HP TouchSmart 7320 Test: An all-in-one Device

An Adept Multimidia Moderation: HP Ecosystem

Headlining, Connect Solutions, a set of unified communications tools. It includes Virtual Rooms, customer type Microsoft Lync for conferences online. Unbeatable, the Setup Wizard Setup Manager always repeats his lines like all HP products.

Through it, the user or the system administrator setting local printers or network creates supports backup and restore (Drive Encryption) Security Manager and interacts with the second knife after Norton Internet Security (trial version). Inevitable, the module Beats Audio overlaps the volume control in Windows and provides additional options such as tuning the input level of the microphone.

The HP TouchSmart 7320 has two output differentiated to line level and the other for a helmet, each operated independently. But this equalizer worthy of a platinum disc jockey and the noise cancellation options and acoustic echo cancellation are not enough to overshadow the reality of a sound without spark. HP has the ideally integrated into the chassis.

The sound is clear, though pleasing to the ear flat and almost devoid of low frequencies. It will not say as output 3.5-mm jack. Little about location, connection cables risky … the audio quality suffers with heavy distortion even at low volume and breath parasite that is reminiscent of the common MP3 players.

In contrast, the slab 21.5-inch touchscreen display is impressive. Past this mirror effect due to the choice of a glossy coating, the brightness ratio rises to 250 nits, fighting part overexposure light this bright spring sunshine. In light spots which this piece is intended, the chip Intel HD Graphics and 64-MB dedicated (up to 1632-MB shared) is sufficient in itself. It will have to manage everything and for everything that the integrated display, lack of any outsourcing option display (no VGA or DVI or HDMI).

Most demanding notice recurring aliasing however, they will correct through a Radeon HD 6450A 1-GB MXM or changes to 2-GB, 6550. Such an addition will improve the rendering, but will not offer the integrated display refresh rate higher than its nominal 60-Hz. This will result in some jerkiness to playback sequences strongly rhythmic (beyond 100 frames per second).

HP TouchSmart 7320 Test: An all-in-one Device


  •     Good overall the IPS
  •     Accuracy and responsiveness of touch
  •     Performance of the S-ATA HDD and USB
  •     Respectable time of system initialization
  •     Strong and consistent software ecosystem
  •     Connections provided and ideally integrated
  •     Literal application of the policy of “Life Cycle Approach”
  •     Beats ideal software technology in conjunction with speakers


  •     Instability of the Wi-Fi
  •     Return before consuming
  •     Overall more audio circuit
  •     Noise at startup, hot flushes
  •     No option for a secondary display
  •     Poorly suited to GUI touch control
  •     Keyboard tasteless condemns the concept of wireless office
  •     Finishing the chassis and certain components such as SD card reader

Conclusion: All-in-one has its Limits

The remarkable breakthrough computers monoblock company does not forget the limitations of this approach. Tending to the office without cables and Green IT HP policy carefully called “Life Cycle Approach” is commendable, but hardly overshadow the differences with the manufacturer”s HP TouchSmart 7320.

Admittedly, the connection is generous and functional responsiveness of the system at all levels provides the user with a seamless experience imbued with a touch control seamless. However, this type of device, despite its 950 euros in effect for the base model equipped with a processor Intel Core i3 Dual-Core, was quick to draw on its reserves.

If the outstanding performance of the internal hard drive and USB 3.0 aromatic definitely the image of this set some limits software chapter, the instability of the Wi-Fi interface and clumsy behavior before returning to condemn experience below the optimum, yet entered the ranks of the promises of the product.

In addition, non-sparking graphics and audio circuitry whole back can not catch up the HP TouchSmart 7320 against the Apple iMac, which he seems to draw heavily.

State your remarks about HP TouchSmart 7320 Test: An all-in-one Device ………

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