Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet reaches in Australia and Spain

Microsoft has officially launched its Surface Pro Tablet in Spain, professionally an oriented device. Surface Pro is a tablet with a screen of 10.6-inches with Full HD resolution and an Intel Core third generation processor. In addition, it is noteworthy that this team will integrate the full version of Windows 8 Pro. This is an important aspect as it will allow all users to use desktop applications compatible with Windows. The new Surface Pro will be available from May 30 to the price of $999 for the 64-GB storage and of $1099 for the 128-GB in Australia.

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet reaches in Australia and Spain

One of the points that the company wanted to highlight your Surface Pro tablet in U.S. is its power which integrates an Intel Core i5-3317U third generation processor and has a memory of 4-GB RAM. Thanks to this we can use fluently several applications at the same time and get some power levels similar to those of many ultrabooks in market. Its design is part of a magnesium alloy chassis, lighter than aluminium and slightly curved edges for easy grip. The Surface Pro incorporates a touch panel of 10.6-inches with a Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and two accessories that multiply the possibilities of use.

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet reaches in Australia and Spain

On the one hand we have the sleeve shaped keyboard that attaches to the device with magnetic latches and facilitates the use of productivity applications. The response of this keyboard (available in tactile format or mechanical) is really good and is thin enough to not break its slim design. Thanks to the small stand built into the back of the Surface that can comfortably place it on the table and start writing. Perhaps one of the points that can be more contentious about this team is its weight, which is in the kilo and can be a bit annoying if you normally use the equipment outdoors or when to grab. Yet these figures remain competitive with other computers on the market.

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet reaches in Australia and Spain

Another most important accessory is a stylus S-Pen that also attaches magnetically to the side of the tablet and reaching very noticeable accuracy levels (made by Wacom) that may make it a useful accessory for graphic designers. In the field of connections must highlight a full set of ports. Among them, we would like to emphasize the presence of a USB 3.0 port which increases tenfold transfer rates of USB 2.0. Their inclusion is rare in the field of tablets.

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet reaches in Australia and Spain

Unlike Surface RT tablet Microsoft Surface Pro includes the full version of Windows 8 Pro. This edition allows the full use of all the features of the desktop and has a number of advanced security features such as backup of the files or data encryption. The new Microsoft Surface Pro hit the Spanish market at a price of $1140 (€880) for the version of 64-GB and $1300 (€1000) for the version of 128-GB.

Microsoft Surface Pro Tablet A Full PC Experience

For those who are torn between the Microsoft Surface RT and Microsoft Surface Pro, here we report some of the most striking differences. The Microsoft Surface RT has a smaller screen of 10.1-inches and integrates Windows RT, a reduced version of Windows 8. It is also a device noticeably lighter, less powerful but with a range well above what we can achieve with Surface Pro. Despite having limited the use of desktop applications, one of its main attractions is found in a free listing New Office. Its price is also a big difference, as the consumer version of the $620 (€480).

Microsoft should need to wait for a little more to see how well the Microsoft Surface Pro business in the tablet market.

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