Re-Timer Glasses, As A Solution of Sleep Disorder

A research team of Flinders University in South Australia developed of the Re-timer. The phenomenon of sleep disorder that occurs when someone makes long trips with large time difference comes to face this new revolutionary pair of glasses Re-timer.

Re-Timer Glasses, as a Solution of Sleep Disorder

Emitting a specific wavelength of light is aimed directly at the center of the brain, glasses promise that they reset the biological clock of humans and restore normal sleep habits.


  •     Fits over your reading glasses
  •     Folding arms for compact traveling
  •     USB connection for battery charging
  •     Soft glow for reading or computer work
  •     Convenient rechargeable battery in the frame
  •     Ergonomic and light weight design (just 75 grams or 2.64 ounces)

Re-Timer Glasses, as a Solution of Sleep Disorder

USB Charging Cable

Even as the Retimer has 4 hours of battery life, we’ve included a USB recharging cable so you are never caught out. Simply plug this cord into your laptop.

Re-Timer Glasses, as a Solution of Sleep Disorder

Premium Embossed Travel Case

Protect your Retimer with this compact travel case. The case insert keeps your Retimer securely in place whilst the hard shell protects Retimer from the rigors of international travel. An essential accessory for frequent flyers, this case comes standard with each Retimer.

Re-Timer Glasses, as a Solution of Sleep Disorder

According to the Flinders University in South Australia, the research team of the Retimer, if you want to sleep and wake up early the next day you have to wear glasses for 50 minutes the previous morning. Similarly if you want to wake up later, you need to wear them for 50 minutes just before sleep at night.

Among others, glasses are facing the problem of insomnia, improve sleep of those who work on rotating night shifts and facilitate waking. Indeed, the user can simultaneously watch TV, read, work and generally do anything that he did it without his glasses.

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