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Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini VS Nokia Lumia 620

Comparison between Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and Nokia Lumia 620

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini VS Nokia Lumia 620

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, unveiled the Galaxy S III mini, a compact successful flagship smartphone. It brings the high performance, intuitive ease-of-use and nature-inspired design of the Galaxy S III to an elegant, compact smartphone with a 4.0-inch screen. S III mini is the optimal choice for consumers who are looking for a powerful yet easily pocketable smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini VS Nokia Lumia 620

The Finnish Nokia tries his luck with a new generation of mobile Lumia with which absorb a significant part of the market, while South Korean Samsung seeks to make stronger a position of emergency in the segment of smartphones. Both are leading manufacturers in the industry, so it is very important to put their proposals face to face star to the mid-range and entry, despite being of different ecosystems – Windows Phone 8 and the first Android 4.1 Jelly Bean the second.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini VS Nokia Lumia 620

Design and Display

Both phones have clear the importance of love at first sight, but each offers something different. The Nokia Lumia 620 bet on a very colorful, with colored faceplates and look especially prescribed for juvenile court users. Meanwhile, the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini plays to replicate the most famous design of the phones from this manufacturer, but on a small scale.

As for the screens of both the mobile Nokia offers a slightly smaller panel. In this sense, we find a screen 3.8 inches compared to four inches of Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini; however, it does match your competition Finnish on one point: the resolution. Both shares, in this sense, the fact develops a quality of 800 x 480 pixels.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini VS Nokia Lumia 620


Both phones are pretty even at this point, presenting profiles similar connections. For starters, the two lead sensor Wi-Fi standards compliant 802.11 a / b / g / n, and access to 3G mobile data networks. No lack both a proximity chip communication NFC and Bluetooth port and microUSB. They also have support for Wi-Fi Direct, as well as the standard DLNA.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini VS Nokia Lumia 620

Multimedia and Camera

So it goes with the tables on both computers. The differences are subtle, so that depending on the preferences of the user, are marked in a more or less pronounced distances. For starters, the Nokia Lumia 620 recognizes most audio and video formats that we want to reproduce, but allowed more advanced options, such as DivX or MKV, and yes that includes Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini l. Instead, the phone Nokia brings unique applications to listen to millions of free songs through the system via streaming, as Nokia or Nokia Music Mix.

Regarding the cameras, again similarities. The two are a pair of cameras, the main one of which develops a maximum resolution of 5-MP in photo mode and recording 720p HD quality video. Do not miss the LED flash is already a classic. The secondary camera is, in both cases, a quality unit with VGA.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini VS Nokia Lumia 620

Processor and Memory

The presence of a dual core chip which develops a frequency of one GHz mark power reaching these two devices, which in the case of memory that are distanced itself. And is that the Nokia Lumia 620 carries, for starters, a RAM of 512 MB, compared to twice that equips the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Something similar happens with the internal storage. The Finnish phone is limited to eight GB of onboard capacity, compared to the versions of eight and 16 GB of the device in South Korea. However, the former allows the installation of microSD cards up to 64 GB, compared with the second 32 GB maximum.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini VS Nokia Lumia 620

Operating Systems

And at this point, the polarization is quite evident. The Nokia Lumia 620 works with the most modern and comprehensive platform of Microsoft. We talked about Windows Phone 8, a system that already has passed the barrier of 120,000 apps available from its online storefront. True, Android, which is the system that takes the terminal Samsung, is much heavier. However, in both cases we find the most frequent and requested apps. Fundamental differences in this regard are marked by the integration of each ecosystem with very specific functions. Thus, the Lumia 620 will be specially prescribed for those who want to have at your fingertips the Office suite from day-from the second quarter of 2013 will be on Android – and the entertainment platform Xbox. The system takes the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, meanwhile, takes charm with all online options Google. The usability of both environments also can be decisive in deciding where one, that of Microsoft, commitment to simplicity and the other, that of Google, essentially proposes a wide range of customization-within the constraints linked to layer TouchWiz.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini VS Nokia Lumia 620


In a way, the balance between these phones back in this section. While mobile Nokia takes less amperage battery – 1300 mAh -, get more autonomy in use – 9.9 hours – compared to 1,500 milliamps unit Samsung terminal, getting a conversation lasting nearly eight hours. However, at rest it expands more autonomy, reaching 360 hours, compared to the previous 330 hours.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini VS Nokia Lumia 620


As you”ve found, in the technical aspects before two teams are very similar. The device Samsung is a bit larger and offers more internal memory in one version. However, the Nokia develops more autonomy, and to customize the look of the terminal with interchangeable covers. The price is an argument between the two, but does it really make a difference is notable in this section? Nokia Lumia 620 will be priced at 290 euros, 320 euros compared to the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. Just about 30 euros, depending on the type of user, a line can be very, very thin.

Let us know your views regarding Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini VS Nokia Lumia 620 ………….

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