Samsung’s New Rumors of the Mini Galaxy S4 Comes on Canvas

It is too much expected, together with the Samsung‘s flagship device, the Galaxy S4 will also launch the next version of the Compact Galaxy S4, S4 Galaxy mini. Even as the South Korean firm Samsung had made the Galaxy S III Mini after the release of its big brother Galaxy S III providing performance, perceptive ergonomics and design of the latter, it is quite logical that the company do the same for this new model.

Samsung’s New Rumors of the Mini Galaxy S4 Comes on Canvas

Wanting to offer a low budget smartphone, Samsung is seems he tripped over the carpet last year if we are to believe the test of the Mobiles, who are not afraid to say: ‘N‘ not buy the Galaxy S3 Mini 399 €. ” Along with the pessimistic points elevated, including the team said that they thought they had a Galaxy S III in smaller hands – indeed that Samsung is trying to make us believe when it sells the device – and that fact turns out to be a smartphone entry / mid range. Second, it highlights the fact that the screen is not really top, price, bugs or interface the camera is not up to the expectations. Finally, on the aesthetic side, “the impression is that Samsung has not tweaked the design as the other Galaxy S range.”

Samsung’s New Rumors of the Mini Galaxy S4 Comes on Canvas

According to Genius Tech sources the new Galaxy S4 Mini would be of 4.3-inch HD Super AMOLED display (720 x 480) screen with the density of 256ppi. The wonderful thing is the operating system is same as of the Galaxy S4, Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with a Dual-Core Processor of 1.6-GHz. In addition the device embeds with the famous Samsung TouchWiz UX 2.0 Nature feature. There would be a front camera of 2-MP with the main camera of 8-MP.

Samsung’s New Rumors of the Mini Galaxy S4 Comes on Canvas

Obviously, still no confirmation about this by Samsung, but contrary to previous rumors, the company indicates that the device is scheduled to be launched during the summer, in June or July. If this is the case and it is not just a rumor, it will not be long until Samsung makes an official announcement.

If the leak is correct, Samsung has once again completely reduced specifications of the phone with its screen size. If this is true, it means that the Samsung Galaxy Mini S4 is more of a mid-range device, but also people who are looking for both a small screen and specifications of S4 will still not have the chance.

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