Sony Smartwatch 2 Will Be Available at 9 September in 261 $ (199 €)

Sony unveils the smartwatch 2: World’s first water resistant Smartwatch with NFC connectivity that will arrive in at 9 September in 261 $ (199 €).

Sony Smartwatch 2 Will Be Available at 9 September in 261 $ (199 €)

Sony Smartwatch 2 is an intelligent clock of second generation, proposed by the Japanese group Sony,  New Android smartwatch 2 devoted to the world, as compared to the previous model, it is now equipped with support NFC connectivity and introduces water resistance capability. Keep the wrist in a position to interact with your Android smartphone. It will be available in different stores from September 9.

Sony Smartwatch 2 Will Be Available at 9 September in 261 $ (199 €)

Android smartwatch 2 offers an experience like no other, opening exciting new horizons and the ways of communicating. Interacting with your smartphone via Bluetooth, allows you to stay up to date, “says Sony. In fact, the new clock technology is designed to maximize the user experience of a smartphone that allows the users to answer calls, read SMS and email, to view pictures and so on without having to take the phone. It supports NFC and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, so it can be easily matched with compatible devices with Android 4.0 or higher.

Sony Smartwatch 2 Will Be Available at 9 September in 261 $ (199 €)

The Sony Smartwatch 2 is equipped with a 1.6-inch Touchscreen display with a resolution of 220 × 176 pixels; the body is made ??of aluminum and moreover offers a water and dust resistance (IP57 certified). In addition it will be sold in a version with a strap made ??of stainless steel that can be changed with any other strap 24mm, if desired. Sony states on concerning the integrated battery that the Smartwatch 2 will provide autonomy equal to a maximum use of four days, therefore it is excellent as compared to the other solutions currently available on the market.

Sony Smartwatch 2 Will Be Available at 9 September in 261 $ (199 €)

The expandability of the app is one of the keys of the Sony Smartwatch 2, which can be customized with numerous applications developed to meet the different needs of users. When you are often on the road, those with an active lifestyle, who wants to use the watch for work or simply at home, will therefore available to a whole range of apps for every use. In addition, the smartwatch will also allow you to remotely take a photo with your smartphone, thanks to a special app dedicated to the camera. It is also ideal for use in sports, as it is this mapping app that lets you control the way done with a simple and quick glance at your wrist.

Sony Smartwatch 2 Will Be Available at 9 September in 261 $ (199 €)

Today, the vast majority of those who own a smartphone use several times in a day, so that this device has become their constant companion of life. The phone is not in fact the most used only for calls but also to read the messages, check the schedule, view and share updates on social networks, use their favorite apps, take pictures, listen to music and play games with titles cabinet. The Sony Smartwatch 2 responds to these needs through a handy clock touch, which will make the option, actually take the phone out of your pocket or bag to carry all these activities.

The smartwatch is an area that has not yet revealed all its potential, but it has already attracted the attention of the most important technology in the world. Not totally confirmed reports that Apple and Microsoft also want to engage in the construction of the similar products, most likely to be attached to the respective ecosystems iOS and Windows Phone, with the goal of entering into direct competition of the Smartwatches on the market.

Sony Android Smartwatch 2 Exclusive First Look

The Sony Android Smartwatch 2 will be available across the world from September 2013 in 261 $ (199 €), double the expenditure required to put the device on the wrist than the first generation Smartwatch. It is packed in a water-resistant shell and dust resistant (IP57 certified), with a stainless steel strap 24mm that users can replace with any other of the same size. The functionality of the product carries the ability to answer calls to the interaction with multimedia content, access to notifications from social networks to read emails and text messages, And it is all to be carried out without pulling your smartphone out of your pocket.

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